Yep - you read that right. We're revealing the top selling surfboards of 2013 and the big question is - did your quiver make the list?
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REAL NEWS: If we were president, these would be the headlines.

Best Surfboards of 2013

Trade Show Gossip:

Every year the Surf Industry holds an annual show in Orlando, Florida where all the major brands release their new boards, gear, clothing, shades, etc. It’s a huge candy store for grown ups. Here's a roundup of some of the best gossip from the show. Read more...

TECH AND FOAM: Like having a beer with your favorite shaper.

What the Tail Patch

DISTRACTIONS: The reason this newsletter wasn't sent yesterday.

East Coast Perfection
East Coast Perfection
Certainly our biggest distraction this week. It has been pumping! Here are some pictures.
Lighthouse Views
Lighthouse Views
Brett Barley has been a busy boy lately spending lots of time getting barreled with his GoPro. Check out the video here...
Stab's Best Stories
If you're tired of perfect lineup shots and barrel selfies - here's something a little different.

NEW IN THE TEAM ROOM: Ballin' on a budget.

New team room boards
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